Inspiring tomorrow with good design.

About Us

CentralDesign is a brand dedicated to creating and broadcasting architecture, design, and culture art in general, pointing on adding value to the community through design and getting together with the most influential designers and architects of our time.
The aesthetics and deep emotions guide our values that design creates in the community, guiding it to a promising future.

What we do

Projects curation

CentralDesign Magazine provides project curation, through already existing elements or through elements that we can create with our team. In that project curation, we will tell the project story in the best way possible.

Branded Advertorials

CentralDesign Magazine can make your work feel unique and spread it through our audience in different platforms. Articles, media content, social media engagement, newsletters and ads campaigns are just some of the tools we can make your work talk to your future clients with a strong and coherent language .

Brand Promotion & brand creation

Nowadays, we live in visual and experience based business. So having a brand and communicating it properly with your clients is crucial for scaling your business. CentralDesign can give you the opportunity to create, or refresh your unique identity.

Content creation

Need an article to be written about your project or about your product? do you need to prefect those elements to create the best impact possible in our audience? or do you simply need all those things together. Tell us in what way we can work together and it will produce awesome results.

Video and imagery coverage

Our team will be ready to cover your product lunch or to create some incredible shots of your interior and architecture design. Do you wish to later publicize them? no worries we can also do that for you.

Tailored Advertising

We are no strangers to multiple media platforms. Our team is able to create any kind of ads tailored to your needs and budget.

Interviews & profiles

Because projects do not do it themselves, we got a special space, reserve all the masters and designers in our community, and everyone can see the masters behind.