BMW R9T touched by Ziller’s Garage

BMW R9T touched by Ziller’s Garage

Ziller’s Garage is a Moscow-based motorcycle garage specialized in all kinds of mechanical work, but with a special relationship for custom bikes.

Designer Mikhail Smolyanov & John Reed

Construction year 2020

Price Unknown

Top speed Unknown

Horse power 110hp

Steampunk, custom-made BMW R9T bike

BMW R9T is a scramble type motorcycle designed by BMW Motorrad with several design elements configured to allow the bike to be easily modified, such as separate engine and chassis wiring harnesses and minimal bolts attaching the rear subframe, tail lights, and headlight.

Moscow-based Ziller's Garage has introduced a steampunk, custom-made BMW R9T bike in co-operation with John Reed Design. BMW R9T is a customizer's desire considering that it is among the most popular "standard" bikes of our period. It is the utmost retro-style roadster and considered by many as an empty canvas to customize.

Ziller's Garage's Mikhail Smolyanov collaborated with John Reed Design to help develop the bike. It looks like maybe Cybertruck's rushing relative who everybody thinks is the handsome one.

bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_

Fit for the collection of Mad Max

To customize the bike to their liking, the collaborators took BMW's roadster as well as upgraded the external body without transforming the inner development. With its existing appearance, it has ended up being a racer that is fit for the collection of Mad Max, which's saying something.

The bike has a masterfully sculpted aluminum covering, custom spoked wheels, as well as light-up BMW badges. The look was achieved by having a covering made completely from fabricated lightweight aluminum components that hide all the mechanical components.

bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_
bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_
bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_

The first step was to make a CAD drawing, as well as the illustration, which was done by John Reed Design. Afterward, Smolyanov changed the suspension setup to lower ground clearance to transform the bike's position.

After that, Smolyanov changed the controls with the front brake and clutch bars to improve remote-controlled buttons. This helps readjust the air suspension. It is just incredible that all the details are handmade, right down to the exhaust system. The bike was fitted with Brembo brakes and also personalized multi-spoke wheels to have a natural appearance.

bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_
bmw_r9t_centraldesign magazine_

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