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do you have a great project or story that you like to share with the world?

We at CentralDesign Magazine want to give you the opportunity to show your architecture, interior design, product design and any design news related projects to help us creating a community with the best architecture and design as to offer.

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Text photos, video and other elements

Every submission much have a minimum of 350 words text describing your project and good quality professional images of it.

Images and photos must be high resolution, at least 2500px on the short side, and they must portray the project describe on the text.

If there is no enough space to send us by email, please send us your images by file sharing services like Wetransfer.

We at CentralDesign Magazine like video content, so if you got videos of your project feel free to send us the file in the same way as the images or send us the URL and we will embed in the article.

We also encourage you to send us sketches and technical drawings, they are well received by our readers.

Criteria for selection

We operate on good sense of taste, innovation, newsworthy and if the  overall language of the project match our brand.

Good images and a good story will also be a selection factor.

After analyzing your submission we will get in touch telling you if your submission fills all the requirements and telling you when your article will be ready.

It’s normal to this process take about one mouth or two but if you feeling anxious, send us a gentle reminder about your submission.

Active article

Once published you are free and encouraged to share it like you want, on social media, newsletters, on your website and so on. It will help you getting more visits and more attention.

Thank you for submitting your project to CentralDesign Magazine.

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